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The organic fertilizer fermentation equipment helps the kitchen waste source to be treated innocuously nearby


The innocuous treatment of kitchen waste at the source is a new reform of waste treatment and has epoch-making significance. Especially with the proposal of the 13th five year plan, the state has further increased its attention to green environmental protection. Modern treatment technology can treat some rotten organic substances at the source, reduce the breeding of bacteria and realize the resource utilization of wastes; Depending on kitchen waste treatment equipment such as kitchen waste treatment machine, the rotten organic matter can be treated nearby, reducing the collection and transportation work of the sanitation department, thus reducing the workload of the sanitation department and avoiding secondary pollution in the collection and transportation process.

Organic fertilizer mixing equipment: double shaft non gravity mixer: organic raw materials are highly wet and cohesive, while auxiliary materials are relatively dry and light, so the moisture content and density of various materials vary greatly. This mixer does not require high moisture content, specific gravity and particle size of materials, and belongs to forced mixing.

Double shaft paddle weightless mixer: Based on the principle of convection mixing, the material is thrown up to form a flow layer, which is instantly weightless and reaches the best mixing effect. The nominal volume of the mixer is 4 m3, the motor is 18.5-37 kW, the mixing volume of each batch is 1.6-2.4 T, and the mixing time of each batch is 5 min.

Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment: bar type fermentation equipment: large area, long production cycle: about 2 months, simple process, low cost, self-propelled stacker: including wheel type and crawler type, 35 kW motor, with an hourly processing capacity of 500-700 m3 / h, and a price of about 50000 yuan.

Tank type fermentation equipment: the floor area is one third of the bar type, the fermentation cycle is medium: about 1 month, the processing capacity is large, the operation is simple, the vehicle can be driverless, and the waste gas can be sealed in a centralized manner. The north is a sinking pit, and the south is a cement ground partition wall. The top of the partition wall is laid with guide rails. The stacker moves on the guide rails and moves from one groove to another through the rail changing mechanism. The groove depth is 0.7 m ~ 2.5 M. the bottom of the groove is laid with air pipes. The stacker with a depth greater than 1.5 m can be equipped with an oxygen adding device. The chain plate stacker with 43 kW motor has a daily processing capacity of 240 m3 / D and a price of about 500000 yuan.

Tower type fermentation equipment: the smallest floor area, the highest efficiency, the shortest fermentation cycle: about 1 week, and the highest maintenance and equipment costs. Turn the tower once a day, the fermentation heat is fully utilized, the energy consumption is low, the ventilation is good, the deodorization takes only 1-2 days, is not affected by the climate, the production environment is good, the degree of automation is high, and the material can be continuously fed and discharged. The price of the fermentation tower with a capacity of 8 T / D is about 300000 yuan.