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The use and maintenance methods of composting machines in organic fertilizer production lines

Crawler type composting machine is a device that uses modern technology to convert agricultural waste, animal manure, and organic household waste into high-quality bio organic fertilizer. Its processing object is the stacked material on the cement road surface, which is mainly the dry material after solid-liquid separation of animal manure. Through the back and forth flipping of the self-propelled composting machine, the contact area between the material and oxygen is increased, and the time for organic fertilizer to form is shortened!

1, the bearing of the fermrntation compost turning machine bears the full load of the machine, so the lubrication condition of the bearing has a great relationship with its service life, which directly affects the operating life and operation rate of the organic fertilizer equipment. Therefore, the lubricant required to be injected must be clean and have a good seal. The main fuel injection parts of the organic fertilizer tipping equipment, rotating bearings, roller bearings, gears, movable bearings, and sliding planes.2, the new tire is easy to loose, need to check frequently.
3. Pay attention to whether the various parts of the machine are working normally.
4, pay attention to check the wear degree of easily worn parts, and replace easily worn parts at any time.
5, the bottom plane of the mobile device should be cleared of dust and other objects to avoid mechanical contact with non-breakable materials, so that the mobile bearing can not move on the bottom frame, resulting in serious accidents.
6, bearing oil temperature rise, should immediately stop operation, eliminate the cause.
7, rotating gear in the operation of the organic fertilizer production line, if there is a crash, should immediately stop the inspection and rule out, in order to facilitate the maintenance of organic fertilizer turning equipment, extend its service life.