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The Widespread Application of Organic Fertilizer Granulators in Modern Agriculture

 After the painful suffering and trek of homogenization, the organic fertilizer granulator industry has ushered in a new era, that is, the era of differentiated competition. First, the standards of new fertilizers have been introduced, and the standards of slow and controlled release fertilizers are the most representative; Second, production enterprises and distributors have invested more energy in promoting organic fertilizer production lines, and the profits are relatively rich; Third, the negative confirmation, fake and shoddy products on the market perception is also quite keen, in the past year, in the name of a variety of new high-tech fertilizers to infringe on the interests of consumers occurred.
Nowadays, the differentiated publicity is very loud: you say that your product is slow release, my product is controllable; You said your product had polypeptides in it, and mine had borzin; You said that your product is obviously drought-resistant, and mine can avoid deep ploughing; You said your products can strengthen seedlings, my products can promote roots; You say your product contains organic matter, and mine contains biological bacteria... When the dazzling array of fertilizer products with different functions continue to innovate, on the one hand, we are pleased to promote the industry of 
organic fertilizer equipment scientific and technological innovation, but also wondering whether the organic fertilizer granulator industry has entered a new cycle.

In terms of output scale, the small-scale organic fertilizer equipment processing plant takes the annual output of 10000-30000 tons as the standard, which is also the production line scale most selected by new investors. Since it is a production line, it is not composed of single equipment or 2-3 equipment. The complete set of equipment consists of a variety of equipment. Their type selection, specification and quantity directly affect the final price of the production line, that is, the price of the production line with the same output is not the same, or even very different. Under the same output, the powdered production line is much cheaper than the granular production line, but the corresponding powdered finished organic fertilizer has no higher price and profit than the granular organic fertilizer.