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The working principle and advantages of urban sludge chain plate flipping machine


The urban sludge chain plate flipping machine device adopts an oil pressure device for lifting, and the flipping depth can reach 1.8-2.0 meters. The trough is as low as 2 meters from the ground and as high as 12 meters. It stays in the air for a long time, has a short fermentation cycle, and has a large daily processing capacity and annual production capacity.

The urban sludge chain plate flipping machine does not need to be equipped with a high-pressure forced oxygen supply and aeration system. The urban sludge papermaking sludge chain plate flipping machine provides oxygen to the materials uniformly and without dead corners during the flipping process. The oxygen supply penetration of the material layer is strong, and the aerobic fermentation is uniform, which can make the materials move in the tank or automatically discharge during stacking. The side of the fermentation tank can be equipped with a fixed copper sliding angle cable. The design of this machine is reasonable, and the motor consumes less power, The transmission adopts high-quality hard faced gear reducer, with low noise and high efficiency.

The urban sludge chain plate flipping machine can generate significant displacement of materials while flipping. After setting the relationship between displacement, fermentation tank length, and fermentation cycle, it can achieve automatic and continuous discharge of decomposed materials. The chain plate stacker has strong adaptability to materials and can handle powdery flocs.

The key parts of the urban sludge chain plate flipping machine, such as the chain, are made of imported components, which are durable and long-lasting. What other forms of stacker can do with three fermentation tanks, using a chain plate stacker is enough. The chain plate flipping machine is divided into two units: flipping unit and slot changing unit. The flipping unit is mainly responsible for moving back and forth within the fermentation tank, while the slot changing unit is responsible for moving back and forth between the flipping unit and each fermentation tank.

The urban sludge chain plate flipper is suitable for aerobic composting of organic solid waste such as poultry and livestock manure, sludge garbage, straw, etc. The walking system of this machine adopts the advantages of variable frequency speed regulation, good adaptability to different materials and smooth operation, high flipping efficiency, and the ability to perform deep groove operations, effectively shortening the fermentation cycle, improving production efficiency and product quality.