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Tianci fertilizer production line

High quality characteristics of Tianci fertilizer production line:

1. In practical application, the energy consumption of the fertilizer production line is 20% lower than that of the ordinary organic fertilizer production line.

2. Advanced technology, good granulation effect, using the most advanced drum granulation technology in the world, the granulation effect is good, and the granulation efficiency is greatly improved.

3. Miniaturization design, fertilizer production machine occupies less land, and the application is flexible. Organic fertilizer production equipment adopts miniaturization and intensive design. The floor area is the same as that of organic fertilizer equipment of the same output, which greatly saves the floor area and improves the application flexibility.

Tianci fertilizer production line process
The equipment flow of the fertilizer production line is the compost turning machine, mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, material crusher, cooler, dryer, drum screening machine, packaging machine, coating machine, belt conveyor, etc.

Complete process flow of fertilizer production line

In general, the temperature of organic fertilizer will rise in 2 days when it is stacked in the fermentation trough, it will be odorless in 2 days, it will become fluffy and loose in 3 days, it will send out fragrance in 2 days, and it can be composted in 15 days.

1. In the fermentation trough for 2 days, the temperature will rise to 60 ℃ - 80 ℃, which will kill bacteria and insects.

2. On the fourth day in the fermentation tank, the odor will be eliminated; then on the seventh day, the materials in the tank will become loose, dry and covered with white hyphae.

3. In the tank fermentation to the ninth day, nine will send out a fragrance, basically similar to the koji flavor.

4. When the tank is fermented to the 10th day, the material will be fermented and fully.

5. It means that the fermentation stage is over, and materials can be removed to the next process by loader feeding hopper.
The materials moved to the crushing process by the loader feeding hopper are crushed by the semi wet material crusher, then mixed by the mixing mixer, and transported to the fertilizer granulator machine by the conveyor. The particles are sent to the dryer by the belt conveyor for drying, then to the cooler for cooling, and then to the screening machine by the conveyor. More than 95% of the particles that meet the requirements will enter In the next process, about 5% of the particles will be sent to the pulverizer for crushing and granulation again, and the particles up to the standard will be put into the coating machine for coating, and the coating can keep nutrients. After coating, it is the automatic packaging machine for packaging. In this way, the organic fertilizer is processed and packaged, and can be put into storage for sale.