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What are the drying equipment in the organic fertilizer production line

In the organic fertilizer production line, in addition to the dryer we are familiar with, different forms of hot air stoves are also drying equipment. Hot air stove is one of them, and this kind of equipment can be further distinguished by different heating forms. Although the purpose is the same, the corresponding drying principle and process have advantages. The following are introduced, I hope you can learn.

What are the drying equipment in the organic fertilizer production line
Although they are both hot air stoves, the direct heating and indirect heating stoves use different heating forms respectively. The former uses fuel for direct combustion. After high purification treatment, the hot air is formed as heat source and directly contacts with materials to achieve drying effect. In order to effectively use the combustion reaction heat of these fuels, a set of relative combustion devices must be set up in the equipment, but the fuel consumption is relatively small.

Indirect hot blast stove is through various forms of heat exchanger to heat the air, and use the air to reach a certain temperature to dry the materials, so this method is more suitable for the drying process of heat sensitive materials which are not allowed to be polluted or with low temperature. It can be seen that the key to the operation of the whole organic fertilizer production machine is heat exchange, and the larger the heat exchange area is, the higher the heat conversion rate is, the better the energy saving effect of the hot blast stove will be.