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What is the maintenance work of organic fertilizer production machine

The maintenance work of organic fertilizer production machine includes routine maintenance, regular maintenance and special maintenance. Regular maintenance can be divided into three categories: first level maintenance, second level maintenance and third level maintenance. Special maintenance can be divided into seasonal maintenance and shutdown maintenance. The following article will introduce the specific procedures and precautions of these maintenance work,
1. Routine maintenance: the routine maintenance focuses on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and fastening, and routine maintenance shall be carried out during and after the machine operation. 

2. First level maintenance: it is carried out on the basis of routine maintenance, and the key work contents are lubrication, fastening and inspection of relevant parts and their cleaning work.

3. Secondary maintenance: focus on inspection and adjustment, and specifically check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components.

4. Three level maintenance: the key point is to detect, adjust, eliminate the hidden trouble and balance the wear degree of various parts. It is necessary to carry out diagnostic detection and state inspection on the parts that affect the performance of the equipment and the parts with fault symptoms, so as to complete the necessary replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting.