BB fertilizer production process

The production of the bb ferilizer is simple and low cost.The full name of the bb fertilizer is bulk blending fertilizer and producing the bb fertilizer that the fertilizer mixer machine is the main fertilizer machine.And a kind of fertilizer mixer machine---bb fertilizer blending is designed to be used producing bb fertilizer.
It needs to be ready the raw material,which differend kind of fertilizer granular,and then making the fertilizer granulator into the bb fertilizer blender to be mixed.Before mixing,we need use the batching system to weigh the weight and adjust the ratio.In the bb fertilizer production line,it is equippede with a multiple silos single weigh static  automatic batching system to finish the working.Then using the mixer machine to mix the material.The bb fertilizer mixer machine is a kind of machine that the yield is high.

The video of 10 tons per hour bb fertilizer