Double roller press granulator shipment to Turkey customer

 On 2019.9.4,we, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd shipped two sets of the 3ton/h capacity double roller press granulator machine to our Turkey customer.the customer is professional fertilizer manufacturer in Turkey, he found several suppliers in China,and finally he chose us.

Our factory dedicated to provide compound fertilizer granulation equipment and technology service to users, including the general layout design for an annual output of 1-100 thousand tons without drying equipments, the production of complete sets of technical guidance, commissioning, all in one service.

Double roller press granulator belongs to the extrusion slip model, its working principle is: the motor drives the belt and pulley, transfer to the drive shaft through the speed reducer, through the open gear synchronously with the driven shaft, the double rollers rotate in the opposite direction.The raw material input through the feed hopper, and after the extrusion molding, demoulding granulating, through a chain transfer to crushing and screening, after separating, the finished granules come out, and the powder will be back to the mixer, to granulation again. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the continuous input of material, to achieve mass production.