Organic fertilizer production equipment installed successfully in Indonesia

In March, our organic fertilizer production equipment exported to Indonesia was successfully installed. As shown in the figure, the local fertilizer production equipment constrution project has been completed.

As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we have many years of experience in the production of fertilizer equipment. We are also good at designing fertilizer equipment site layout and equipment infrastructure for our customers. We choose the suitable equipment for each customer and freely design the layout of fertilizer production line for customers. During the installation of the equipment, we can send engineers to the site to guide the installation and train operators for you.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Organic fertilizer production equipment-Automatic Batching System
The single silo single weigh batching system can automatically control the batching by computer. The batching system adjusts the input material, adjusts the speed of transportation according to the amount of material put in, and finally outputs the required material. Electronic belt weigher completes the measurement and weighing of conveying materials. The batching system completes the mixing of organic matter and other nutrients such as inorganic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Organic fertilizer production equipment-Fertilizer Screener
The fertilizer screener machine includes the main body of the screening machine, a reducer, a motor, screen and other components. Fertilizer screening machine adopts combined screen. If uneven screening of fertilizer particles occurs in the production process, it is easy to replace in time. Fertilizer screener machine has simple structure, high production efficiency and low energy consumption. It is an indispensable organic fertilizer production equipment in fertilizer treatment.
organic fertilizer production equipment
Organic fertilizer production equipment-Belt Conveyor
Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, port, transportation, chemical industry and other departments, which can carry out the transportation and loading of various bulk materials. Belt conveyor is an important connecting equipment in organic fertilizer production line.

Organic fertilizer production equipment-Organic Fertilizer Granulator
Organic fertilizer granulator is the latest technological product developed by our many years of research experience in China, which makes the fermented organic powder into granules.