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The production process of organic fertilizer fermentor and the advantages of trough tipper


Fermentation is the only way to manufacture organic fertilizer fermentor. The quality and speed of fermentation will directly affect the crushing and granulation in the next step. Now social time is money. If you wait another minute, you may lose tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of profits. The trough tipper is not only clean, sanitary and environment-friendly, but also conducive to the mixing and averaging of the fermentation process, and has cracking performance at the same time.

The control counter of the trough tipper realizes automation and comprehensiveness. It can not only complete manual operation, but also has a high level of automation. When we use it in detail, we can correctly select it according to the detailed requirements of pile turnover. The protection of the environment is not only the prevention of damage afterwards, but also the prevention of trouble before it happens. We might as well make livestock manure into organic fertilizer fermentation tank fertilizer, which can be applied to mulberry fields.

The trough tipper is mainly used for fermentation and deodorization of livestock and poultry manure (chicken manure and cow manure) in the farm after solid-liquid separation and dehydration. It does not eliminate beneficial bacteria, but causes feed in the powdered organic fertilizer fermentation tank.

All entrances of international advanced technology and key components shall be selected. The special buffer turnover design can make the feed mix evenly and quickly. The patented outlet design can effectively control the drying humidity of processed articles and achieve a dream effect.