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How to choose granulation equipment for NPK fertilizer production line

 The application of fertilizer granulator machine in NPK fertilizer production line has been highly recognized by the majority of users. So, as a user, choosing a high-quality fertilizer granulation machine will save cost and time for production engineering. How to choose the granulation equipment of NPK fertilizer production line?
The following points should be paid attention to when purchasing the granulation equipment of NPK fertilizer production line:

1. Granulation uniformity: as a fertilizer granulator machine, its mixing effect determines the quality of the equipment, which is also an important factor for users to produce compound fertilizer granulation.

2. Wear resistance of equipment: in the production process of NPK fertilizer production line, materials often impact the equipment, so in terms of the service life of the fertilizer granulator machine, the more wear-resistant the material selection of the equipment is, the better. For users, the higher the performance price ratio is, the lower the cost is.

3. Fertilizer granulator machine has a wide range of raw materials adaptability, single raw materials and a variety of raw materials can be granulated.