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Crawler organic fertilizer dumper can effectively process organic fertilizer manufacturing raw materials

Zhengzhou Huaqiang heavy industry organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer is trustworthy. During the whole stage of customers using organic fertilizer production machine, all our after-sales service personnel provide thoughtful, meticulous, enthusiastic and timely service, so that customers can use the equipment easily and freely without any worries, and can really experience the convenience and value created by our company for customers. 
Under the condition of soft ground and high moisture organic fertilizer material, the crawler dumper will not slide and climb nest. Never change tires for life. Pull rod operation in situ 360 ° turn, eliminate the trouble that steering wheel can not turn in place, save site, labor and diesel.

The performance characteristics of crawler compoat turning machine are as follows
  1. 1. Pull rod operation in situ 360 ° turn around, saving site and cost.
  2. 2. The steering wheel is hydraulically balanced to keep the whole fertilizer production machine stable in operation, and there will be no incomplete turning over.
  3. 3. The turnover shaft is hydraulically raised and lowered, and the high and low speed turning can be carried out according to the moisture content of materials.
  4. 4. In the fermentation process of organic fertilizer production line, adding material pushing plate in front can make the material strip pile even and improve the turning speed and quality.
  5. 5. By using the transmission shaft system, the turning speed can be adjusted and the V-belt drive is eliminated.
  6. 6. The clutch adopts soft drive, eliminating iron to iron clutch, prolonging the service life of equipment shaft, chain and bearing.
  7. 7. The compoat turning machine adopts frame multi column automobile type integral structure, which has longer service life and is not easy to deform.