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Method for simply fermenting sheep manure by using pile turning equipment in organic fertilizer equipment

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line equipment manufacturers are mainly to produce organic fertilizer production machine, organic fertilizer granulator machine, organic fertilizer tipper, organic fertilizer mixer, organic fertilizer screening machine, organic fertilizer drying and cooling machine, organic fertilizer coating packaging machine and other complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment production line, integrating scientific research, production, sales, providing process design, installation, commissioning and personnel training for customers The price comparison of the simple fermentation process of sheep manure was made by the manufacturers.

After stacking, fermentation and turning, the moisture content is reduced to 35-50%. At this time, the sheep manure, also known as fermented sheep manure, is crushed, screened and bagged, and the price is between 150-200 tons / yuan.
Natural fermentation of sheep dung (after secondary fermentation of the stacked sheep manure, turning over the pile for the second time, drying, the moisture content of the fermented sheep manure can be reduced to less than 30%). After bagging, the price of sheep manure produced in this way is 200-300 yuan / ton.

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line -- referring to the natural fermentation method, the organic fertilizer complete equipment is used for one-time fermentation, and the fermentation biological bacteria are added into the fermentation machine. After 7-10 days of composting, and then 10-15 days after the second turning, the fermented sheep manure has no peculiar smell, and probiotics bacteria are added to make the beneficial biological bacteria rapidly propagate in the fermented sheep manure. In this way, after about a month, the beneficial biological bacteria continue to grow and die in the process of reproduction. The dead biological bacteria is the cell protein, and the growing live bacteria are still growing. Through the processing of organic fertilizer equipment production line, such fermented sheep manure has reached the national standard of biological organic fertilizer, which is used in agricultural production, and the effect is several times more than that of natural fermentation sheep manure. The price of packaged compost is higher than that of ordinary compost, and the nutrition is balanced.