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Advantages of large inclination belt conveyor widely used in organic fertilizer production line

Belt conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment widely used in various industries. It can not only transport bulk materials, but also transport large packages. Especially in the fertilizer manufacturing process, the belt conveyor has become an indispensable equipment.
 After the rapid development in recent years, the application of belt conveyor is more and more extensive, and the design and manufacturing technology has been a qualitative leap. In order to let you have a further understanding of this, the following is a branch of the belt conveyor, deep groove large inclination belt conveyor to do a brief analysis.
 Common belt conveyor has the use of single roller, double roller or even more roller, roller conveyor is based on the size of the conveyor model and the purpose of use to determine. For example, when loading woven bagged materials, the mobile belt conveyor can use a single idler conveyor with a slightly smaller roller spacing, which is convenient for conveying bagged materials and prolongs the service life of the belt conveyor. When conveying bulk materials, such as in fertilizer production process, multi idler can be used to support larger belt area and improve conveying capacity.

Transportation capacity of large inclined belt conveyor
For the deep groove belt conveyor, because it is conveyed at a large angle, the materials are packed in separate hoppers. There is no continuity between the materials and the materials on the loading, which will be affected by the conveying capacity. Certainly affect. Of course, this has a certain relationship with the angle of the belt conveyor, the linear speed of the belt and the groove depth of the belt. Under the condition of reasonable design, it can also realize the high-efficiency conveying of the organic fertilizer production process under the condition of large-angle conveying. In normal use, ordinary belt conveyors are preferred, and deep groove and large inclination conveyors are often considered when the site area is limited.