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The organic fertilizer treated by the organic fertilizer crusher can be processed into particles again

 Under normal circumstances, the fertilizer machine manufacturer has carried out debugging before the equipment leaves the factory. Here, we would like to remind you that before the equipment is transported to the production site and the whole fertilizer manufacturing process begins to produce, the equipment should be idled for commissioning again.

What is an organic fertilizer grinder? It is used in many industries, and the treated organic fertilizer can be processed into pellets again. Do you know how to use this device? Before using the organic fertilizer crusher, pay attention to these aspects:

1. The bolts on the pulverizer must be tightened first to avoid big mistakes caused by small mistakes.

2. Does the organic fertilizer mill vibrate? If there is vibration, first check whether the mounting base is not on the horizontal plane. If this is fixed, judge from inside the device.

3. Observe the temperature of organic fertilizer equipment body and bearing box. If it's in the normal range, you can't pay attention to it. If it continues to rise, you should stop immediately.

4. Listen to whether there is abnormal sound in the operation of organic fertilizer production process, such as hammer impact lining plate, small parts falling off, etc. Be sure to check in time.