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What equipment does a whole MPK organic fertilizer production line contain

The equipment of the organic fertilizer production line is advanced. The advanced organic fertilizer production line has the advantages of saving labor, energy, small floor area, low fertilizer cost and no environmental pollution.
The fermentation principle of the organic fertilizer production line is premixing, turning over and refining. However, the advanced organic fertilizer fermentation uses the fermentation tank, which eliminates the premixing process, because the fermentation tank itself is a mixing device, and one of the core equipment depends on which fermentation equipment you choose.
The prilling principle of the organic fertilizer production line is mainly to produce the fermented powdery organic fertilizer into granules. This process requires a lot of equipment, such as mixer, pulverizer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, etc.
In the process of organic fertilizer production line, granulation is an important link, which plays a connecting role. The process generally consists of three parts: pretreatment (magnetic separation, liquid addition, quenching and tempering), granulation and post-treatment (cooling, crushing and grading). The material is transformed from powder to particle after passing through the granulation section. In this process, not only the production efficiency but also the product quality should be considered, and the physical indexes such as particle hardness, powder content, water solubility and material temperature after cooling should be ensured.