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A brief introduction to the process of making granular organic fertilizer from pig manure

A pig's fecal output is about 3kg per day, and the annual fecal output of 10000 pigs is about 10000 tons. The 10000 pig factory suggests to purchase a small-scale production line with an annual output of 10000 tons of organic fertilizer. The annual profit is very considerable. Moreover, the pig manure in the pig house can also ensure the health of pigs, make the pigs less sick and increase the marketing rate of live pigs.

In the past, the stinky pig manure was not given to the farmers nearby, because the pig manure was not fermented and directly used in the farm, it would burn seedlings; At present, pig manure can be processed into organic fertilizer and become a 'sweet cake' through the processing of manure from Huaqiang heavy industry's organic fertilizer production machine. A ton of pig manure can be sold at around 600-1200 yuan. Livestock manure is a good raw material for organic fertilizer. The processing of livestock manure into organic fertilizer can eliminate the adverse impact on the environment, turn the manure into available fertilizer resources and increase the income of farmers It's killing two birds with one stone.
A brief introduction to the process of making granular organic fertilizer from pig manure
1. Stacking of ground strips, using a ground compost machine, or feeding materials in a fermentation tank, using a tank type compost turning machine

2. Evenly sprinkle the fungicide, turn the pile of fermentation to achieve heating, odor, rot, and kill mixed fungus grass seeds in the organic fertilizer production line

3. Fermentation for 7-12 days, how many times the piles are turned according to different temperatures in different places

4. Complete fermentation, maturity, and out of the pond (ground type directly use a forklift to pile up)

5. Use a screening machine to screen the thickness, (screened powdery fertilizer can be sold directly)

6. Crush the selected large pieces with a grinder and return to the classification screen

7. Mix the required trace elements with a mixer

8. Granulation with a granulator machine for fertilizer

9. Feed into dryer and cooler

10. Automatic packaging machine packaging and sale