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The process of collecting animal manure to make organic fertilizer

Preparation of organic fertilizer fermentation
The animal manure mixed with appropriate amount of straw powder, the amount of straw powder mixed depends on the moisture content of the feces, the general fermentation requires 50% of the moisture content, that is, the hand is squeezed into a ball, water can be seen between the fingers, but no dripping, the release of the hand will disperse as soon as the hand is released. Then, corn flour and bacteria were added. The function of corn flour was to increase sugar content for bacteria fermentation, so that multi-dimensional complex enzyme bacteria quickly took the absolute advantage.
The process of collecting animal manure to make organic fertilizer
1. Add the prepared mixture into the mixer for mixing. The mixing must be even and transparent without leaving any raw blocks.
2. The mixed ingredients are piled into strips with a width of 3m-4m and a height of 0.8m-1m, which are tossed by a compost organic fertilizer production machine every 2 days.
3.Composting for 2 days for heating, 4 days for odor free, 7 days for loosening and 10 days for fertilizer.
a. On the second day of composting, the temperature could reach 60 ℃ - 80 ℃, killing E. coli, insect eggs and other diseases and insect pests;
b. On the fourth day, the odor of sheep manure was eliminated; on the seventh day, the compost became loose and dry and covered with white hyphae;
c. On the 9th day, it gave out a kind of liquor koji flavor;
d. On the 10th day, the compost was fermented and matured;

It is crushed by a semi wet material grinder, granulated by granulator machine for fertilizer, dried by a dryer, and screened by a screening machine. The finished organic fertilizer can be packaged and stored.