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The market of Compound fertilizer in the April

At the end of April,the fertilizer market gradually into the turn of spring and summer of demand,demand is tied up,spring demand gradually fertilizer,compound fertilizer remains intense market competition,the northeast fertilizer market demand in the end,the summer in the central pains fertilizer demand gradually and the recent compound fertilizer market still smoke,so in the first half of 2019,what compound fertilizer market present situation,the late maize fertilize will present a tendency of what?
First of all,the northeast compound fertilizer market demand competition is increasingly foerce. Jiangshan northeast area,the planting area is larger with fertilizer demand more though only a quarter of a year in the northeast of fertilizer demand,but it is a mochican every chemical fertilizer enterprises,and even every year in the previous year began after the all fat had winter operation.This year is no exception,in September 8,2018times had winter operation will start early on,and every year there are more in advance.It also illustrrates the compound fertilizer vicious competition in the market.In recent years,food prices are low,combined with the local  planting structure adjustment,purchase what crops fertilizer is becoming more and more difficult decisions,base for the progress of the fat is the in to delay year by year.
Second,small fertilizer blending enterprises throughout the northeast region and small factories more low cost fertilizer to a certain extent filed the space of shortage.
Last,the profit space of compound fertilizer enterprises is decreasing year by year.Did well in the first half o f 2018 the compound fertilizer enterprises,both on the cargo and profit space is satisfactory,but this year the majority of compound fertilizer,in particular,companies profit margins will be squeezed to several dozens yuan per ton,and even individual companies to seize market share,ahead of profit has dropped to zero.

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