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According to what factors to choose fertilizer granulator machine?

With the wide application of organic fertilizer, the use of fertilizer production line becomes more and more important and common. In the whole production process of fertilizer, granulation process is the core part. But how to choose a more suitable fertilizer granulator machine according to different raw materials and actual needs?

First of all, we need to choose a professional manufacturer of granulation machinery.
A reliable supplier of fertilizer production machine will save you cost and time in many ways. For example, when you ask some professional questions about equipment, professional suppliers will handle them well. Moreover, if you encounter any trouble in the fertilizer production process, good after-sales service can reduce your production loss.

Choose the right granulator for your fertilizer production
The price of fertilizer granulation equipment varies with scale, production capacity and configuration. According to your factory scale and fertilizer production capacity, we can recommend suitable fertilizer production machine for you at preferential price.

Granulation process improves the wettability, fluidity, appearance and bulk density of powder raw materials. Granules processed by fertilizer granulator machine have high requirements in shape and quality. They are used in many fields, such as agriculture, garden, feed, pharmacy, chemical industry, etc. The cost of granulation process is low and can be produced by the combination of various raw materials. The storage and transportation of particles is very easy and cheap.