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What are the production details of organic fertilizer production line?

The status of organic fertilizer production line equipment in agricultural production, organic fertilizer equipment has truly completed the agricultural cycle, agricultural organic waste through bio organic fertilizer equipment harmless treatment, new organic fertilizer production line technology is more conducive to harmless treatment, organic fertilizer compost mature fermentation treatment, the use of fertilizer production machine processing of organic fertilizer does not necessarily need livestock manure, chicken manure, pig manure It can also participate in wheat straw, corn straw mixed farm manure, chicken manure, pig manure.
What are the production details of organic fertilizer production line?
It is a good method for harmless treatment of agricultural wastes that the production line of organic fertilizer adopts harmless treatment, adding microbial organic fertilizer starter for composting and fermentation and producing microbial organic fertilizer. Fertilizer production machines deal with environmental pollution and use renewable resources to turn waste into wealth.
What are the production details of organic fertilizer production line?
Organic fertilizer production line technology is planned to gradually promote the use of decomposition clinker and chemical fertilizer, mainly with decomposition clinker, supplemented by chemical fertilizer, and then gradually reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, add decomposition clinker amount, improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer. Virtual only decomposition of clinker, no or as little as possible with chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer production line to complete the real cycle of agriculture, green, sustainable development.

Fertilizer production machine has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, automatic production equipment, different climate and temperature, etc. according to the needs, start the insulation equipment and oxygen supply system, which is suitable for bacterial growth, aerobic fermentation, rich fermentation heat and fast speed.