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Advantages of antagonistic bio organic fertilizer produced by livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment


Although the development of livestock and poultry breeding industry has great significance for improving people's material living standards, if livestock and poultry feces are not properly handled, it will have a great impact on the environment. Therefore, effective utilization of livestock and poultry feces is an important research topic at present. In recent years, a technology of producing antagonistic bio organic fertilizer by using livestock and poultry feces has emerged, which makes use of livestock and poultry feces produced in the development of livestock and poultry breeding industry. The emergence of this technology has realized the secondary utilization of livestock and poultry feces, which can not only transform livestock and poultry feces into huge economic benefits, but also minimize the impact of livestock and poultry feces on the environment.

The advantages of antagonistic bio organic fertilizer mainly include these aspects. First, compared with chemical fertilizers, antagonistic bio organic fertilizers contain more comprehensive nutrients. Long term use of chemical fertilizers will lead to soil hardening. However, if antagonistic bio organic fertilizers are used for a long time, the soil can be improved, the microbial elements in the soil can be balanced, and the disease and insect resistance of crops can be improved. Second, compared with farmyard manure, the functional bacteria contained in antagonistic bio organic manure will bring great benefits to the land, while farmyard manure is naturally fermented and does not contain functional bacteria. Third, compared with biological bacteria fertilizer, antagonistic biological organic fertilizer is more targeted. The fertilizer itself is the living environment of functional bacteria, which can normally play the role of functional bacteria after being applied to the land. However, biological bacteria fertilizer only contains functional bacteria, which directly act on the land. The functional bacteria themselves may not be able to adapt to the soil environment, resulting in difficulty in effectively playing their role.

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