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Treatment of organic manure of livestock: improve fermentation speed with organic manure composter


During the fermentation process of livestock manure and other organic matters, straw powder and other materials are often added, and there are certain requirements for the particle size of materials, so some crushing equipment is required. The commonly used organic fertilizer crushers mainly include a shredder, a grass cutter, a hammer mill, a wood grinder, etc. Generally, the moisture content of the materials to be crushed is low, while most of the organic materials are materials with high moisture content and easy to agglomerate, such as various waste residues, some poultry and livestock feces and various agglomerated sludge. Organic fertilizer production equipment in the process of producing organic fertilizer production equipment, what is the production process?

1. The temperature of the material is high during the drying process. The knowledge of the production equipment of the organic fertilizer production line needs to be cooled next. Since the water of the organic fertilizer production line cannot be used for cooling, the cooling equipment needs to be used here.

2. Screening is to screen out the unqualified particles of fertilizer and return the unqualified materials to the production line for unqualified treatment and reprocessing. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation of the production equipment of the organic fertilizer production line.

3. Make the mixed materials into the required particles. The organic fertilizer production line is convenient for storage and transportation. The organic fertilizer production line is resistant to pressure, temperature, medium corrosion and product cleanliness. Due to different materials, the manufacturing process and structure of the stirring vessel are also different.

4. The purpose of transportation is to transport the finished fertilizer to a higher place for storage.

5. Packaging is the last process in fertilizer equipment. In order to protect products during circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales, it is a general term for containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to a certain technical method. It also refers to the operation activities using a certain technical method in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials to achieve the above purpose.