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The role and advantages of organic fertilizer granulator

The organic fertilizer granulator of the organic fertilizer production line has not been used for a long time in China's fertilizer production. How to make customers fully trust your granulator is actually a slow process, and the practice process can make people more trust Organic fertilizer equipment. In fact, the advantages of using organic fertilizer granulators are obvious. It can evenly distribute some organic fertilizers and evenly harmonize nutrients so that he can play a greater role in the land.

Organic fertilizer granulator produces a lot of organic fertilizer nutrients, and they are relatively concentrated. When transported to the ground, if they are not well differentiated, it will cause uneven nutrition distribution, so that the organic fertilizer will lose him. Most of the effects have resulted in an excess of nutrition on a piece of land, and half of the land is allocated too little, so the effect is very unsatisfactory. The role of organic fertilizer granulator is to granulate organic fertilizer.

After using organic fertilizer granulators to make organic fertilizer into the size and shape of chemical fertilizers, there are still several advantages. It can make the land easier to digest, so that the organic fertilizer can be quickly integrated with the land. The second is to make organic the nutrition of the fertilizer is evenly distributed; the third is convenient transportation, so we can directly put it in bags for transportation, and the fourth storage is convenient for us to air dry and put it in the warehouse without worrying about the deterioration or decay of organic fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer granulator developed by our company also needs to perform quality inspection of the components, and the overall structure of the organic fertilizer granulator is tested. If the quality is qualified, we can purchase it. If there is a certain point of the machinery that cannot be reached According to our requirements, we must pick or return the goods, because organic fertilizer granulators will have many problems when they are used. If the quality is not high enough, it will directly affect the life of the organic fertilizer granulators.