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How to solve the low yield during organic fertilizer granulation?

After the organic fertilizer production line comes out, the fertilizer is not directly put into use. It needs to be processed later, such as granulation, drying, packaging, etc., but when we buy the machine, we will see the seller operating the organic fertilizer granulator. The granulation rate is high and the particle density is high. However, it is not the case when you go back to the operation. It is completely different from the effect produced by the seller. In fact, this is not the reason for the equipment, but our operating specifications and ingredients selection. It’s different, so the effect will be a problem. So how to solve the low yield in the process of organic fertilizer granulation?

1. During the granulation of organic fertilizer granulator, the material should be rolled in the granulator. The materials rub against each other during rolling to produce stickiness.

2. The material must be smooth during movement, and should not be subjected to excessive impact or forced ball formation; otherwise the particles will have uneven size.

3. When drying, it is necessary to seize the time before the granules are not solidified. The granules should also be rolled and rubbed. During the rolling, the surface of the granules will be ground away from the edges and corners, and the powdery material will be used to fill the gaps, and the granules will roll and round.

4. When the high-concentration compound fertilizer is granulated, the moisture content of the material is preferably between 3.5 and 5%. The appropriate moisture content should be determined according to the variety of raw materials. Materials with high solubility (such as urea or ammonium nitrate) require a large amount of water and low water content. Conversely, high water content.

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