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What are the advantages of organic fertilizer granules versus powdered fertilizers?

Fertilizer granulation is the key processing technology of the organic fertilizer production line. The quality of the granulation immediately harms the quality of the final fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is derived from green plants and animals. It is the key role of using carbon-containing chemicals in the soil layer to show plant nutrition. According to the processing of organic fertilizer production lines, harmful substances are removed and contain many beneficial chemicals. Why do fertilizers become granules in the production of organic fertilizer? What are the advantages of organic fertilizer compared with powder fertilizer?
organic fertilizer production line

1. Manipulating fertilizer particle size distribution is particularly important for fertilizer storage and transportation. Excellent granulation makes it difficult for organic fertilizers to collect and has good transportation characteristics.

2. Low-water-soluble fertilizers are usually ground with small particles to ensure that they dissolve in the soil layer reasonably and quickly and are digested and absorbed by green plants.

3. Granulation of fertilizer improves the production process of agriculture and animal husbandry. Fertilizer granules have the effect of slow-release fertilizer effect. It is convenient to apply fertilizer and is not easy to be blown away by the wind.

4. Organic fertilizer production line can add some inorganic ingredients to enhance the fertility of organic fertilizer, while powdered fertilizer plus inorganic ingredients can easily digest and absorb moisture and lump.

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