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Application of double axis mixer in fertilizer manufacturing process

 The double axis mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral shafts to add dry water, fertilizer and other powdery materials while stirring, uniformly humidifying the dry ash and fertilizer powder materials, so that the humidified materials do not take dry ash and will not ooze out water droplets, which facilitates the transportation of humidified ash loading vehicles or transfer to other equipment.


The equipment is mainly stable in performance and stable in agitation. The mixing effect is obviously better than other similar products. It can be connected to the production line for continuous production, low noise, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost. It is used in the production of organic fertilizer. The adaptability of the first mixture is strong. The longer the equipment is, the better the mixing effect is. The two-axis horizontal mixer is relatively common mixing equipment, which is mainly used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process, NPK fertilizer production and dust collectors of thermal power plants. It can be used in chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries.
double axis mixer
Use characteristics:
1. It has high mixing efficiency and less floor space. The spiral blade is made of a highly wear-resistant special alloy.
2. The double axis wet mixer is driven by a reducer, which has stable rotation and low noise.
3. The double axis mixer is fed from the top and discharged at the bottom, and the structure is reasonable.
4. The seal between each joint surface is tight and the operation is stable.

Working principle:
The twin-shaft mixer is used in the pre-watering ball forming process. When the quantitative raw meal powder flows into the agitated slag from the feed opening, it is atomized by a certain amount of water to the raw meal powder, and the shaft of the qualitative length is stirred by the stirring blade to form a spherical core with uniform water content, and transfer to pre-watering ball plate. The whole agitation is divided into three areas: atomization area, mixing area and discharge area. The two-axis mixer stirs the hard gold head on the blade for good wear resistance and long service life.