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Fertilizer equipment composition of organic fertilizer production line

 First, let's look at the production process of organic fertilizer:

After the fermentation of the organic fertilizer raw material is completed, it enters the organic fertilizer pulverizer and is pulverized into powder. The powder enters the organic fertilizer mixer and is added with auxiliary materials for stirring. After stirring evenly, it enters the fertilizer granulator machine to form granules, and the prepared granules enter the dryer. The particle moisture is reduced to 10%-20%, and then cooled into the cooling machine. After the cooling is completed, it enters the screening machine for screening, and the unqualified product is screened and re-entered into the crusher by the returning belt conveyor, and the finished product is sieved and can be packaged directly.

So the steps to complete this series require a lot of machines. Let's take a look at which machines are needed.

The main production equipment of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is as follows:
1. Organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine: Fermenting and turning over the materials in the fermentation process.
2. Organic fertilizer crusher machine: pulverize and grind the raw materials such as high-humidity materials in the production process.
3. Organic fertilizer mixer: Mix a variety of raw materials.
4. Organic fertilizer granulator machine: The material after mixing is granulated; it is easy to sort and package.
5. Organic fertilizer dryer: Dry the granular material with certain humidity.
6. Organic fertilizer cooler: Quickly cool the dried materials to increase production efficiency.
7. Organic fertilizer screening machine: Screening and grading the finished fertilizer.
8. Coat coating machine: The outer layer of the prepared granules is coated to prevent the agglomeration of the fertilizer.
9, the role of automatic weighing packaging machine: the finished product is quantitatively bagged and packaged.