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Matters needing attention in organic fertilizer granulator working

Organic fertilizer granulator is professionally used in organic fertilizer granulation equipment. Organic fertilizer granulator equipment is a key link in the entire organic fertilizer production line. The quality of the granulation effect directly affects the quality of organic fertilizer. In the organic fertilizer granulator working, we should follow the following principles:
organic fertilizer granulator

(1) There should be at least two silos to be granulated, so that the granulator does not need to be stopped when the formula is changed.

(2) Before the material enters the granulator, an efficient iron removal device must be installed to protect the pelletizer.

(3) The organic fertilizer granulator is best placed directly on the cooler, and the crusher is placed below the cooler.

(4) In order to prevent the particles from falling from the bottom of the warehouse, a vertical spiral chute is installed in the warehouse.

(5) Packaging of finished products should be placed after the finished product warehouse.

1. Raw material receiving process of organic fertilizer granulators. The raw material receiving process adopts different raw material receiving processes according to the types of receiving materials, packaging forms and transportation means. No matter what receiving process, the quality inspection and inspection of raw materials are required check.

2. Receiving of organic fertilizer granulator bulk truck, the raw materials that bulk trucks and tankers enter the factory will be automatically discharged into the receiving pit after being weighed by the ground balancer. After the raw materials are discharged into the receiving pit, they will be transported by horizontal conveyor and bucket the machine, the magnetic separator of the preliminary cleaning screen and the automatic scale are sent to the vertical silo for storage or directly into the to-be-pulverized warehouse or the batching warehouse.
Once have a comprehensive understanding of organic fertilizer production lines, we can have a good idea when purchasing organic fertilizer production line equipment.