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Bio-organic fertilizer production line

Bio-organic fertilizer production is a new design fertilizer production line,and it is popular by most of the users.The machine can be operated simplely and the fertilizer production line is mainly used to produce the organic fertilizer .The line is mainly including these machines: type organic fertilizer granulator:the machine is the new fertilizer granulator machine and it is designed by our engineer.And its granulated rate can be reached 93%,the raw material of the fertilizer granulator used iare widedly.
b.drum screener machine:the machine is used to screen the impurity in the raw materials.And the machine is a common equipment used in the production of compound fertilizer,which is mainly used for separating finished products and return materials,but also to achieve the product classification,the finished product evenly classified,the machine uses a combined screen,easy maintenance.
What's more,the production line also including the belt conveyor,coating machine ,drum cooler,drum dryer and multiple silos single weigh static automatic batchine system.
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