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Bio-organic fertilizer production line production process

 Bio-organic fertilizer is now more and more important in agricultural production. Here is a brief introduction to the process steps of biofertilizer production.

Producing bio organic fertilizer takes only a few simple steps:
1. Ingredients mixing
The device adopts two mixers, and the operation is to put N, P, K, trace elements and additives into the mixer according to the formula. The two mixers work alternately, and after mixing evenly, put them on the belt conveyor, which not only ensures the accuracy of the formula, but also realizes Continuous production. The hopper inlet is flush with the ground, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

2. Mixed and crushing
This process uses a horizontal pulverizer. The horizontal pulverizer can pulverize large particles in the raw material to increase the sphericity of the system or mix the materials again.

3. Granulation equipment
The choice of fertilizer granulator machine in the biofertilizer production is very important. At present, there are many kinds of methods such as disc, drum and extrusion in the industry. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. This process selects a new organic fertilizer granulator.

4. Drying equipment
Although most of the material after granulation has formed granules, at this time, the moisture and strength of the granules are not up to standard and must be dried. The rotary dryer is a rotary cylinder filled with a lift-type copy board. Under the action of the copy board, the material is fully raised and exchanged with the hot air generated by the hot air stove, and the temperature of the material is increased. The pressure difference between the temperature and the partial pressure of steam will rapidly spread out, and the diffused moisture will be carried away by the wind, thereby achieving the effect of material drying and strength improvement.

5. Cooling equipment
The dried material is conveyed to the cooler through a belt. The rotary cooler is also a rotary cylinder filled with a lift-type copyboard. Under the action of the copying board, the granulated material is raised and sucked into the cold air of the cylinder. The heat exchange is performed, and the temperature is cooled to near normal temperature to further increase the particle strength and reduce the moisture.

6. Screening equipment
The cooled material is in the form of powdery material. The fine powder and the large particles are all sieved out by the sieving machine. The fine powder is directly returned to the mixer and mixed with the raw materials through the return belt conveyor, and then participates in the granulation process again, and the large particles are pulverized and fine. The powder is returned to the mixer through the same return belt conveyor. In this way, a complete production cycle is formed, and the quasi-finished product enters the coating process.

7. Packaging equipment
Qualified finished products are packaged using a manual weighing or automatic packaging machine.