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How to distinguish between organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer?

  With the promotion of commercial organic fertilizers by the Ministry of Agriculture, the majority of growers have paid more and more attention to organic fertilizers. These new fertilizers have become the focus of the fat industry. Today, the market for organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, microbial agents and other products, the price can be described as diverse! In addition, each merchant will deliberately confuse some concepts when propagating. It is easy to cause confusion about several kinds of fertilizers. It is not clear what they want to buy and what they buy at home. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic parameter standards of these fertilizers. Next, let us tell you the difference.

First, Organic Fertilizer (NY-525-2012) - Industry Standard
Organic fertilizer manufacturing process is mainly derived from plants and/or animals. After fermenting and decomposing carbon-containing organic materials, it is fermented and processed through the organic fertilizer production line equipment system to completely eliminate the harmful substances contained in the materials. The function of organic fertilizer is to improve soil fertility, provide plant nutrition and improve crop quality. It is suitable for organic fertilizers made from livestock and poultry manure, animal and plant residues and animal and plant products, and fermented.

Second, bio-organic fertilizer (NY-884-2012) - industry standard
Biofertilizer production refers to a fertilizer with organic fertilizer effect, combination of specific functional microorganisms and organic fertilizers that are mainly derived from animal and plant residues (such as livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, etc.) and treated by harmless treatment and decomposed organic fertilizers through organic fertilizer equipment. Among them, the microorganisms are live bacterial preparations processed after industrial production and expansion, and also need to meet the relevant national standards - (GB 20287-2006).

Third, the main functional focus of the two fertilizers:
(1) Organic fertilizers focus on increasing soil organic matter and improving soil fertility;
(2) Bio-organic fertilizer is a product that combines the effects of microbial fertilizers and organic fertilizers. It contains both functional microorganisms and a certain amount of organic matter and nutrients.