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Brief operation of organic fertilizer production in cattle farm

The supporting technological process of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line is as follows:

1. Cow dung adding accessories: need to add some accessories, such as straw, shell bran, dregs, cake, sludge, etc.

2. Cow dung fermentation: add a certain amount of biological bacteria, mix well, and then transfer them into the fermentation tank. The length of cow dung organic fertilizer equipment is determined by the length of the site. It is compacted and sealed, and covered with plastic cloth or rainproof cloth for anaerobic fermentation. The fermentation time is 15-40 days (depending on the season).

3. Cattle manure turning and putrefaction: Turning materials at noon every 10 days in winter and spring, turning materials every 5 days in summer and autumn, so that the fermentation temperature of materials is controlled between 55-70 ℃. Trough dumper is generally used in the process of composting, which can increase the oxygen content. At the same time, it is also used to make the fermentation bacteria more evenly contact with the materials and increase the maturity. Cattle manure compost turning machine can speed up the process of fermentation maturity.

4. Comminution of cattle manure organic fertilizer: because some stems of decomposed materials are too large, they need to be comminuted by semi wet material crusher (special comminutor equipment for organic fertilizer).

5. Granular organic fertilizer made from cattle manure: generally, the powdered organic fertilizer is relatively cheap, 500-600 yuan / ton, and the granular organic fertilizer can reach about 1200 yuan / ton. Generally, the powdered organic fertilizer can be processed by drying, cooling, screening and automatic packaging after granulating by granulator machine for fertilizer.