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Chicken manure is so much, how to simply treat it into efficient and safe fertilizer?

Chicken manure is common. In rural areas, compared with other poultry and livestock, there are more friends raising chickens. There are more chicken manure collected. There are also many organic fertilizer production line factories specialized in processing chicken manure. For our kind of shantytowns, it is more convenient to purchase, large quantity and affordable price!

At present, we often encounter a problem, although chicken manure is good, but unfermented chicken manure does more harm than good. Some friends even exaggerate that "if the unripe chicken manure is used in the shed, it will cause a devastating disaster!" Although exaggeration, but also reflects the current application of immature chicken manure universality, every household has this problem, this is very serious!
Chicken manure is so much, how to simply treat it into efficient and safe fertilizer?
How to ferment chicken manure?
The use of chicken manure must ensure good fermentation! How to ferment chicken manure? For our growers, there are two ways to ferment unripe chicken manure. One is natural fermentation. It takes 2-3 months to accumulate chicken manure into mounds and pour some water. The whole fermentation cycle needs to be turned about 5 times, which takes a long time. For the current growers, this method is not suitable. The other is to add fermentation agent for fermentation, which takes about 25 days Fermentation complete! Of course, if the planting is just in these two days, it is still recommended to buy the rotten chicken manure processed by fertilizer machine manufacturers. The environment for factory processing and fermentation is suitable, and the fermentation can be completed in about 7 days!

How to judge whether chicken manure is rotten?
So how do we judge that our chicken manure is fermented? What are the characteristics of rotten chicken manure for our reference? No odor, white hyphae, loose texture at the same time, it means that chicken manure fermentation is good! Experienced vegetable farmers will also use a shovel to hoe chicken manure, chicken manure does not touch the shovel, also shows that chicken manure is good!
Chicken manure is a very good manure, is the preferred organic fertilizer for vegetable planting. If you want to use chicken manure well, you must remember to rotten! Rotten can discharge toxic gas in chicken manure and kill egg bacteria. We need clean rotten chicken manure!