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chicken and cow manure fertilizer equipment

 The characteristics of chicken manure processing equipment:1.Bio-organic fertilizer equipment is low in cost,easy to operate,and fully automated complete equipment.According to different seasons and different weather temperatures,the equipment starts the security device and oxygen supply system according to needs and the fermentation heat is full and fast.The fermentation cycle only takes 7-10 days.The fermentation process does not receive seasonal climate effects.It can be installed throughout the day and can be installed in the farm.The feces will be treated on the same day.
2.The chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment has low engery consumption,small floor space,no odor in the operating environment,zero pollution and good ventilation.The device uses a unique activation system to continuously proferate and decompose the the nutrients for plant absorption,achieving  the effect of improving soil aggregate structure and improving soil fertility,achieving a balance between quick-actingg and long-acting effects.
Besides the chicken manure and cow manure can fermentation turn to organic fertilizer,other raw material also can produce fertilizer.Such as the straw material.
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