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What do you know a complete compound fertilizer production line including?

 Compound fertilizer refers to chemical fertilizers containing two or more nutrients. The compound fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, less auxiliary components and good physical properties. It is very important for balanced fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting high yield and stable yield of crops.So what fertilizer equipment to produce  compound fertilizer in a complete production line.Today,this article will tell you more about the fertilizer equipment.
The commend fertilizer granulator technology always have :drum granulator.disc granulator etc.The drum granulator also called rotary drum granulator,the rotary drum granulator is the most widely used  equipment in the type of compound fertilizer production equipment.The recipe limits are relatively small.It is also possible to use part of the shotcrete and partially ammoniat.The most equipment type,2--3 million ccan be be used as a production line,the daily output can reach 280--400 tons,and the good formula can reach more than 500 tons.The drum granulation production process is favored by many compound fertilizer manufacturers because of its relatively limited formulation,high output,low investment,and short construction period.It is used by more and more compound fertilizer manufacturers.
The compound fertilizer have many types,and we will take the NPK fertilizer production line as an example.The npk fertilizer is our manure products,they are running stable,the quality of them is high and they are easy to maintence and repair.The rate of being ball is high,outer recycle materials is few,the comprehensive engery consumption is low,no pollution and strong adaptability.The setting of the whole production line is reasonable and within advanced technology,it could improve production efficiency,reducing the production cost and the production scale could be controlled easily.
The advantages of NPK fertilizer production line:
1.Raw materials are extermely versatile
2.It has a high balling rate and the survival rate of biological bacteria
3.It has a short process flow.
The major equipment of npk fertilizer production line:
1.Single silo single weigh dynamic automatic batching
2.Vertical fertilizer mixer
3.Rotary drum granulator
4.Drum fertilizer dryer
5.Drum fertilizer cooler
6.Drum screener machine
7.Coating machine
8.Automatic packing machine