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Instructions for making chicken manure organic fertilizer

The feces in the farm is a major problem that plagues the farm to solve the environmental pollution at this stage, therefore, we can only solve the pollution angle, to achieve the purpose of waste utilization, through decades of continuous exploration and research, Zhengzhou Heavenly Heavy Industries summed up the most effective method of producing organic fertilizer from animal waste fermentation, this will not only convert waste into usable energy but also solve the pollution caused by aquaculture.
chicken manure organic fertilizer
Chicken manure contains a large number of microbial harmful bacteria, absolutely cannot be directly applied, and must carry out deep high temperature fermentation. The purpose of certain fermentation is mainly two, one is to kill harmful bacteria, and one is to not fully digest the substance organic, increase the actual organic matter content.

Fermentation is mainly in the ground stacking or fermentation tank, that is, chicken manure stacked in the fermentation tank, the best at the same time to add the appropriate amount of fermentation bacteria, the use of a compost turning machine stirring evenly, usually fermentation time of 12-15 days.

After deep fermentation of chicken manure, it’s dried and crushed. The chicken manure after crushed can be directly applied, but is only called the traditional farm fertilizer, cannot be called commodity organic fertilizer.

However, if you want to make commercialized organic fertilizer, i.e. implement the NY525-2011 standard. According to this standard, the total content of NPK must be greater than or equal to 5%, organic matter must be greater than or equal to 78%, water is less than or equal to 30%, and the PH value is 5.5-8.0. Of course, there are other requirements, such as five heavy metal content cannot exceed the standard, tick egg mortality and E. coli value, etc. need to meet the standard. Only meet the above requirements are qualified organic fertilizer. In terms of appearance, commodity organic fertilizers are divided into powder and particles. If you want to produce grain-forming commodity organic fertilizer, but also need to use fertilizer granulator machine for granulation, organic fertilizer granulation production equipment generally uses a disc granulator machine. Others have rotary drum granulator machine, etc.

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