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Working principle of livestock and poultry manure solid-liquid separator

 In the organic fertilizer production, raw materials such as livestock manure need to be fermented first, but often these feces contain high moisture, which is not conducive to drying and fermentation. This requires the use of a solid-liquid separator to pump water from the feces. Leaving out, the water content of the manure is greatly reduced, and then the dehydrated poultry manure is stored, transported to a designated place by machine, and then fermented and subsequently crushed, stirred, granulated, dried and cooled, etc. Make it a nutritious organic fertilizer.

The livestock and poultry manure handler can kill all bacteria by solid-liquid separation and high-temperature autoclaving, and then convert them into organic fertilizer or fish feed. It has many advantages such as automation during processing, cleaning on the spot, environmental protection of the treatment results, and harmlessness. The livestock and poultry manure treatment machine has short processing time, large processing capacity and no secondary pollution, and is suitable for sewage treatment environments such as pig farms and dairy farms.

The working principle of livestock and poultry manure dewatering machine:
The raw manure water is lifted to the pig manure dewatering machine by the submerged pump, and the squeezed auger gradually pushes the biogas slurry to the front of the body, and continuously increases the pressure of the leading edge, forcing the moisture in the material to be filtered by the side pressure band. Under the action of the extrusion mesh screen, out of the drain pipe. The work of the livestock and poultry manure handler is continuous, and the material is continuously raised into the body, and the pressure at the leading edge is continuously increased. When it is large to a certain extent, the discharge port is opened and the extrusion port is extruded to reach the purpose of extrusion. If too much faecal water is drawn, it will also be discharged into the original septic tank through the overflow pipe. The waste water separated by spiral extrusion can be directly sent to the sedimentation tank. In order to grasp the speed and water content of the discharge, the weight below the main unit can be adjusted to achieve satisfactory water content.