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Complete equipment processing flow of sludge organic fertilizer production line

After years of painstaking research by the technicians of Huaqiang Heavy Industry, the domestic sludge can be turned into bio-organic fertilizer after microbial fermentation treatment. It is suitable for forest trees, flowers, lawns and as a substrate for forest tree container seedlings. It has achieved good growth effects. The physical properties of the soil , Chemical and biological properties have been improved. So as to completely realize the resource utilization of domestic sludge.
Production process of sludge organic fertilizer production line
1. Transport the treated sludge (live sludge, industrial sludge, etc.) directly to the raw material silo (or raw material mixer).
2. Transport to the disc homogenizer, and evenly add to the rotating disc of the disc granulator. Sprinkle the liquid component or an appropriate amount of water on the material in the disc through the liquid component distributor of the disc granulator to meet the amount of liquid phase required to form a ball.
organic fertilizer production line
3. Transport to the organic fertilizer dryer for heat exchange with the heat from the hot blast stove.
4. Transported to the hot sieving to sort particles, and the fine particles are directly returned to the granulator machine for fertilizer, as the core to inherit the adhesion of the intervening particles into a ball.
5. Transport to the organic fertilizer cooler, and cool the fertilizer through natural cold air or strong cold air.
6. Transported to the finished product sieving machine, the large particles are crushed and destroyed by the crushing destroyer and then returned to the granulator machine for fertilizer to continue the intervention into balls.
7. The qualified products after screening are transported to the coating machine for coating treatment.
8. Transport to the fully automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging, and storage.
9. Drying, cooling and workshop dust are discharged after three treatments: cyclone dust collector, labyrinth dust removal room and wet washing.