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Production and processing flow of aerobic fermentation organic fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer production line generally adopts aerobic composting method, which uses the action of aerobic microorganisms to achieve stabilization and harmlessness, and then transform it into a method of high-quality fertilizer. In comparison, aerobic composting has the characteristics of simple process, low investment and low operating cost, can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms, and is a safe, effective, economical and reasonable treatment method.

The complete set of equipment of the organic fertilizer production line mainly includes: forklift feeder, semi-wet material crusher, granulator machine for fertilizer, roller screening machine, automatic packaging scale and other major equipment. Each organic fertilizer processing equipment needs to be carried out by means of conveyors. connection. The approximate process flow of the organic fertilizer production line is shown in the figure below:
organic fertilizer production line

The compost fermentation turning machine can effectively mix livestock and poultry manure, sludge, microbial preparations, and straw powder evenly. Create a higher aerobic environment for material fermentation. It can reach a temperature of one day, 3-5 hours of deodorization, sterilization (can completely kill the virus and bacteria in the feces), and seven days of fertilizer. Not only is it much faster than other mechanical fermentation methods, but also more efficient.

The construction of an organic fertilizer production line must first estimate the annual output of organic fertilizers based on the conditions and breeding volume of large-scale farms, and then determine which area of ​​the organic fertilizer production plant to use based on the local land use. After that, the factory was completed and put into production.