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Application of compost turning machine in chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

As a more important part of the chicken manure organic fertilizer production process, it also has its own machine. The appearance of the compost turning machine has greatly reduced the manpower of the throwing, and the efficiency has also been greatly improved. During the driving process, the rotating knives loaded under the machine are used to stir, fluff and turn the chicken manure organic fertilizer raw materials. Leave a new strip throw on the road where the vehicle has traveled.


The emergence of the compost turning machine really made a big contribution to the organic fertilizer production line. The technology of the dump car integrates the crushing function of the material after fermentation. After the material is dehydrated, the dumping car can effectively break up the blocks formed by the fertilizer during the fermentation process, which not only saves the work of the crusher, reduces the cost, but also improves the efficiency of the crushing, and fundamentally solves the drawbacks of the shredder.

1. Help oxygen enter
The composting fermentation method belongs to aerobic fermentation. The aerobic fermentation process requires a large amount of oxygen, and after a period of natural fermentation, the oxygen in the heap will gradually decrease, and the fermentation speed will be slowed down. With the compost turning machine, the oxygen in the compost can be fully ventilated during the turning process.

2. Reduce the temperature
In the manure composting process, reasonable temperature control is an important technical indicator. If the temperature is too high, it will kill the nutrients in the organic raw materials. The use of the turning machine can uniformly stir the accumulated compost inside and outside, so that the moisture in the compost is greatly evaporated, thereby effectively controlling the temperature in the compost.

3. Promote the fermentation process
The beneficial fermentation bacteria are uniformly and fully contacted with the fermentation material to promote the fermentation process.

4. Greatly improve work efficiency
The normal manual 2 days of stacking speed can be turned over in more than two hours using the trough type throwing machine. The uniformity is much better than the manual operation.

After a series of treated feces through the turning machine, not only can the fermentation be completed completely, but also the feces can be reduced from 2-3 months of traditional composting fermentation time to only 15 days, which greatly improves the efficiency of fecal fermentation and the ability to process, so that the original fecal waste becomes a highly efficient organic fertilizer that can be reused.