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How to quickly compost organic fertilizer and what are the common composting machines?

Composting mainly uses the action of vatious microorganisms to mineralize to mineralize,humify and detoxify plant organic residues,o that various complex organic nutrients can be converted into soluble nutrients and humans,and at the same time the high temperature is produced to kill the germs,eggs and weed seeds brought by the raw materials to achieve the purpose of harmlessness.Therefore,in order to obtain high-quality compost,in the process of pile-up,it is the key to accelerate the composting and improveing the effeciency of the fertilizer.
When it comes to comes composting,people only know the benefits of using composting for soil and crops,but they don't know that compost has an irreplaceable effect on the agricultural environment.It can treat garbage,purify the environment,and provide fertilizer for crops.It saves floor space compared to the landfill method and also reduces pollution to the surrounding environment.It reduces pollution to the atmosphere than incineration.Using the fermentation composting turning machine is more high effecient aand it is less investment and save time.
In agricultural production,fruit tree deciduous,crop straw,soybean meal,cotton aphid and stems and leaves of vine crops are regarded as waste,and often cannot be reasonably disposed.In the aquaculture industry,animal manure is the main force of breeding pollution.For the farmers,the treatment of manure is regarded as the first-class problem;the distiller's grains,vinegar grains,sugar residue,etc.In industrial production,domestic garbage,kitchen waste home;river sludge,sewer sludge manged by the city.The pollution caused by the environment has to be taken seriously.
However,in nature,waste s throughout agriculture,aquaculture,and daily life are in herently fertile for the soil,simply because they are not properly disposed of making these treasure a disgusting waste.It is because we lack the medium that contacts the two -icrobes.Animals,plants and mocroorganisms are the three main components that can be stably operation in nature.WIthout any part,the cycle of nature will be destroyed.The root cause of the dilemma we are in now is the lck of microorganisms,so that it circulates.It was destroyed and there was a lot of "garbage".
The fermentation composting turning machine can be devide into these :
1.Double screws compost turning machine:The double screws turning machine is used for fermenting and dump of organic wastes such as livestock manure,sludge garbage,sugar factory filter mud,dregs cake and straw sawdust.It is widely used in the fermentation and removal of water in organic fertilizer plant,compound fertilizer plant,sludge waste plant and gardening farm.It is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used in conjunction with solar engery fermentation room,ermentation tank and moving machine.
2.Simple compost turning machine:I t is suitable for aerobic fermentation,and it can be used in conjunction with solar engery fermentation room,fermentation tank and moving machine.It can be used togeher with  the moving machine to realize the function of many of slots for one machine.Its fermented trought can be continuously discharged or batch discharge,high effeciency,smooth operation,strong and durable and even thrwing.Contral cabinet centralized control,it can achieve manural or automatic control function,the shovel durable,the material has a certain number of broken and mixed functions,limit stroke switch,it can play a safe and limited role.
Besides the two kinds of composting machine,we have design the machine of hydraulic compost turning machine and windrow compost turning machine.