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Prospects for bio-organic fertilizer development

Prospects for bio-organic fertilizer development
1.International market demand.China's agricultural products have gone abroad in large numbers,and the global organic fproduct market is growing at a rate of 20% to 30% per year.Bio-fertilizers can meet the needs of producing organic products.
2.Market demand.After the improvement of living standards,more attention is paid to food safty and health.The Ministry of Agriculture has established more than 200 pollution-free agricultural production bases throughout the country,providing a broad potential market for the development of organic fertilizer industry.
3.Production needs.The degree of agricultural mechanization is high.The machinery has a "pressing plate”effect on the land,so that the soil is compacted and the fertility is reduced.The bioorganical fertilizer can be changed to form agglomeerate structure,which makes the land loose,fattening and water-retaining.Continuous cropping,continuous cropping,and straw returning will make the crop worse.After applying biological fertilizer,the benefical bacteria will be enhanced.A large amount of fertilizer is applied,especially nitrogen fertilizer.More,low utilization rate,loss of nitrogen fertilizer,leaching,pollution of water sources,resulting in eutrophication.Nitric acid in drinking water above 10mg/liter can cause high iron  albumin in infants and adult gastric cancer.The greenhouse global warming,so it is necessary to strictly control nitrogen fertilizer,apply more bioorgical fertilizers and environmentally friendly and non-toxic environmentally friendly fertilizers.
4.Helth needs.In the rural areas,crop straw,livestock and poultry manure are cleaned up and collected as a fertilizer source to prevent secondary pollution and maintain environmental sanitation.
5.Savings are required.If 2,000 tons of organic fertilizer is applied to the soil,the amount of chemical fertilizer applied can be reduced by 4,000 tons,the average price per ton of chemical fertilizer is 2,500 yuan and farmers can save 10 million yuan.
Producing the bio-organic fertilizer need the specially fertilizer machine.Usually a complete bio-orgnanic fertilizer production line always need the machine of the new type organic fertilizer granulator ,drum screener machine,belt conveyor,coating machine,drum cooler,drum dryer and automatic packing machine.Using the fertilizer machine can help the investor to increase the productivity and reduce the investment.