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Analyze the difference between extrusion granulator and disc granulator

 At the same time as the continuous introduction of new fertilizer equipment, the fertilizer equipment that has not been abandoned has disc granulation production equipment, extrusion granulation equipment, drum granulation equipment, etc. These equipments have not been abandoned because they are very flexible and convenient in the fertilizer manufacturing process. Let's take a look at the difference between extrusion granulation equipment and disc granulation production equipment.

First of all, let's talk about the characteristics of the disc granulator: this disc granulation production equipment belongs to disc granulation equipment, and the most important one is the granulation disc. The disc corner of the granulation disc adopts a circular arc structure, and the granulation rate of the disc granulation production equipment is as high as about 95%. The overall granulation tray has multiple discharge ports and is very flexible and convenient during production operations, facilitating intermittent production operations.
This not only allows us to observe the production situation at any time, but also reduces the labor intensity in production and increases the production efficiency. The overall construction of the disc granulation production equipment is made of high-quality steel plates. The granulation discs are also supported by a plurality of steel plates to enhance the stability of the disc granulation equipment. The size of the fertilizer produced by the disc granulation production equipment is relatively uniform, and the equipment is relatively stable.

The extrusion granulation equipment is double roller press granulator, which is fertilizer equipment which can be produced without drying and can be produced at normal temperature, and is also very convenient to produce. It has the characteristics of one molding. The drawback of this type of equipment is that the output is relatively low, but it is also possible to order different sizes of extrusion granulation equipment according to your actual production conditions. The structure of the extrusion granulation equipment is relatively simple and the relative area is small, which is very suitable for some small fertilizer manufacturers. According to different production raw materials, different types of fertilizers can be produced, such as various organic fertilizer, complex fertilizer, NPK compound fertilizer, etc. it’s fertilizer production equipment which can be flexibly changed in the production process.

Both of these devices have their own advantages, and they are also suitable for small-scale production enterprises. When choosing, you can choose according to the size of your production site and the requirements of the production process.