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How to convert agricultural organic waste into ecological green organic fertilizer

Agricultural organic waste including rice husk,corn cob,bagasse,in medical and other auxiliary materials combined with organic fertilizer production:chicken manure fertilizer equipment,pig manure equipment,cow dung fertilizer equipment,dung organic fertilizer equipment,straw crusher,wood crusher,extrusion pelleting machine,disc granulator  and drum granulator,drum coating machine,organic manure pile machine groove,organic manure fermentation car,forklift pile machine.processing technology can convert organic ecological environmental protection fertilizer granular products.
 Straw is rich in nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other trace elements,which belongs to the natural land "nourishing nutrition",one acre of corn straw returned to the filed,equivalent to more than 10 kilograms of fertilizer.In addition,straw crshing to the ground,reduce the vaporation of water,less water once or twice,save labor,save oil.
In addition to reducing air pollution caused by incineration,wheat can be directly sown with wheat no-tillage fertilizer-seeder after straw returning to the filed,which not only save money,but also avoids the land compaction caused by mechanical repeated farming.
In recent years,for the comprehensive utilization of crops straw resources,developing ecological agriculture and rural"three of "crack problem,most cities successively on the crops such as tea,greenhouse vegetables,chili application"straw biological reactor"technology,in the development of pollution-free agricutural products,green food and organic food has found a new income approach.
It is understood that "straw biological reactor"reactor technology is mainly by using effective straw biota crop straw can be converted to the required mineral elements,organic matter,such as carbon dioxide,heat,bio control effect,thus obtain higyield,high-quality,pollution-free agricultural products.In the application of this technology in the greenhouses,one acrre of greenhouse can digest at least 10000  jin of straw every year,and the greenhouse will be more and more fertilizer.
Under the action of ‘biological reactor"’,the appearance and quality of all kind s of agricultural products have been significantly improved,so that  agricultural products meet the requirements of modern agricultural development goals of high yield,high quality and pollution-free,and good economic and ecological benefits have been achieved.