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How can we ensure the normal and stable production of organic fertilizer?

 The quality of organic fertilizer manufacturing process depends first and foremost on the quality of the equipment itself, followed by the correct use of the bio-organic fertilizer production line. Some users will have the opposite effect when they are not properly operated in actual production. Users need to accumulate experience in the operation and use the correct operation method to bring benefits to the user.
organic fertilizer production
Pay attention to the following basic points when operating organic fertilizer production line equipment, so that you can get better benefits when you use it.

1. Keep the work site clean. Every time the organic fertilizer production line equipment is tested, the residual rubber sand inside and outside the fertilizer granulator machine should be completely removed, and the rubber sand and other sundries scattered or splashed on the organic fertilizer equipment should be cleaned. Wipe off the exposed parts, apply anti-rust paint, and put on a dust cover to prevent dust from entering.

2. The organic fertilizer production line equipment has no external oiling holes, and the gears and worm gears are all lubricated with special butter for organic fertilizer equipment. (The upper gear and the lower gear should be added with three-in-one butter once a season. When refueling, the moving gear box cover and the transmission gear cover can be opened separately). Oil lubrication should always be dripped between the sliding gear box and the sliding surface of the bracket hinge. The worm gear box and bearing are shipped with the transmission butter, but the gearbox machine should be thoroughly cleaned once every one year of use, replacing all protective lubricants.

3. Pay attention to the operation of the organic fertilizer production line machine, there should be no serious noise, and there should be no metal friction sound. If abnormality is found, stop using it immediately, check it, and use it after troubleshooting.

4. When updating the organic fertilizer granulator machine, the working gap should be re-measured each time and adjusted several times to meet the standard before continuing to use.

5, Often check the electrical insulation of organic fertilizer equipment。

6. If the machine of the organic fertilizer production line of the program controller cannot be operated, check the power supply voltage, whether the power plug and the connector block are normal, and check the internal fault of the controller. Please ask the professional to repair it or return to the original factory for repair.