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How to work of the drum cooler?

 In the compound fertilizer production line,including many processes,and the cooler is one imporrtant step in the fertilizer production line.So ,how work of the drum cooler in the production line?And what a role of the drum cooler play in the fertilizer production line?Well,this article will share more with you about the drum cooler.The rotary dryer is a new generation of high efficiency cooling machine developed by our staff for many years of compound fertilizer production experience.It is paired with the rotary drum dryer for cooling the fertilizer particles in a certain temperature and particle size during the production process o compound fertilizer.This rotary drum cooler can greatly improve the cooling speed,reduce labor intensity,improve the yield,further to remove part of water and reduces the fertilizer particle temperature.At the same time,it can also be used for cooling other powdery and granular materials.The device has compact structure,high cooling efficiency,reliable performance  and strong adaptability.
Working principle of the drum cooler:The main motor drives the belt and pulley and transform the engery to the driving shaft through reducer,then the counter gears inatalled on the driving shaft are drove to meet the large that installed on the machine body,so that these gears began to rotate to opposite directions to drive the body began to work.The material is added from the feed end to the inner part of the barrel.Under the influence of the draft fan,the air flow in the cylinder body is accelerated,and the lifting plate installed on the inner wall of the whole body continuously turns the material up,so as to achieve the goal of uniform cooling.
The machine can be divided into these parts:bracket part,transmission part,large gear ring,roll band and body part.Every parts play different role in the drum cooler.
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