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Environmental protection production line of chicken manure granulation organic fertilizer

The production line of environmental protection chicken manure granulation organic fertilizer takes chicken manure (straw, pig manure, cow manure) as the main raw material and passes through the trough type compost turning machine - loader feeding hopper - semi wet material grinder - horizontal mixer - disc, new organic fertilizer granulator - organic fertilizer dryer - organic fertilizer cooler - roller screen machine - automatic quantitative packing scale.

Environmental protection production line of chicken manure granulation organic fertilizer
Production process of chicken manure granulated organic fertilizer
Chicken manure must be fully fermented before application. The raw materials of chicken manure are added with biological bacteria, fermented by aerobic composting in the windrow turner, fed into the pulverizer for pulverizing, put the raw materials into the mixer for mixing and mixing, and then fed into the fertilizer granulator by the conveyor; after pelletizing and forming, they are sent to the dryer for drying, and then sent to the cooler for cooling by the elevator or belt conveyor, and then put into the screening after cooling, and then directly packed. The price investment of chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment is small and has good benefits.

Our company promises:
1. Free assignment of professional after-sales service personnel, arrived at the site to guide the customer installation and commissioning.
2. Train operators on site.
3. After the installation of the complete set of equipment, technical personnel shall be left to assist the customer in field production for free until the customer is satisfied.

Tip: in the organic fertilizer production line, the output of organic fertilizer determines which kind of organic fertilizer production equipment to choose, such as the most important pelletizing equipment. Its size determines the shape and output of fertilizer pelletizing.