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How to choose organic fertilizer granulator?

There are many types of organic fertilizer granulators in the organic fertilizer production line. Squeezing, rolling, rotating, crushing, etc., but which organic fertilizer granulator is better?
fertilizer granulator
To say which organic fertilizer granulator is better, you must first know what fertilizer you want to do. Powder? Particles? Are columnar particles? Or spherical particles? What is the raw material? How much water? How big is the investment? Only if it is suitable for you, you can carry out the next organic fertilizer granulator screening.

Each organic fertilizer granulator has its own suitable range and has its own significance. The best are the best, and their advantages cannot be reflected if they are not suitable.

Extruded organic fertilizer granulator is used to extrude the material into column-shaped granules through the rotation of the die pressing wheel. The advantages are uniform granules, large density, low water content, good operation, easy maintenance, suitable for almost all organic fertilizer granules Production, the disadvantage is higher power consumption and relatively low output.

Rolling organic fertilizer granulator rolls the powder into balls through the rotation of the drum. The advantages are high output, low power consumption, simple production, but the disadvantages are small density, large moisture, poor particle uniformity, and large workplace dust.
Rotary organic fertilizer granulator uses the disc-type organic fertilizer granulator to make the powder into spherical granules by rotating the flat disk. The advantages are between squeezed organic fertilizer granulator and rolling organic fertilizer granulator. It is suitable for rotary granulation of raw materials with high adhesion, high specific gravity, and high moisture content. The best performance lies in the polishing of cylindrical particles into spherical particles. The advantage is to strengthen the shape of the particles, reduce the relative moisture of the particles, and balance the roundness and uniformity of the particles. The disadvantages are the dual-machine combination, high power, and slightly more procedures.

Crushing organic fertilizer granulator refers to the granulation method of organic fertilizer which crushes the raw materials or semi-finished products into small particles. The advantage is high output, low power consumption, easy operation, and the disadvantage is that it needs to be used in conjunction with a classification screen.

Organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers say, choose only the right one, not the expensive one. Therefore, you must find the right organic fertilizer granulator is the best.